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Since I bought my first camera at the age of 9, photography has been part of my everyday life. After many years of capturing every interesting bits happening around me, I decided to go to Edith Cowan University to pursue my dream of becoming a professional  photographer through a few years of study in photography. I graduated with a Master Degree in Photomedia. But not until then did I realise that my journey of photography has only got started. What I have learned from there is beyond that sheet of paper and beyond the combination of the numbers on aperture and shutter speed. I've learned how to appreciate the beauty of images. And with the help of the knowledge I have gained, apart from the year after year practice, I've become more capable of creating images that tell beautiful stories we would always love to hear one more time.


2009 - 2010 Master of Professional Communications (Photomedia)
Edith Cowan University
2008 - 2009 PQP (Communications)
Perth Institute of Business and Technology

2010 - "Shared Vision" Perth Centre for Photography
2010 - "Shared Vision" Changsha Photography Festival
2010 - "Iris Award Exhibition" Perth Centre for Photography
2010 - "Shared Vision" Drik Studio Dhaka Bangladesh

2010 - Perth Centre for Photography Iris Award - Portraiture Category | Finalist

2009 - Scholarship Edith Cowan University

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